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Binh Phuoc "Cashew" - from product development efforts to national 5-star OCOP recognition.

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With delicious taste, outstanding quality and most products achieving 4-star OCOP product quality, Binh Phuoc Cashew Nut is considered a potential product of the province to reach out to the international market.

Binh Phuoc "Cashew" From product development efforts to national 5-star OCOP recognition.

Not only successfully bringing Vietnam's precious seeds far away, Binh Phuoc cashew nut industry also creates jobs for tens of thousands of workers, contributes to poverty alleviation, improves people's lives and affirms its leading position in the world. Vietnam's leader in the field of agricultural exports.

9 cashew products of Binh Phuoc receive 4-star OCOP recognition.

Of the 12 OCOP products that have just been certified with 4-star standards (the highest ranking of Binh Phuoc province), up to 9 products are cashew nuts - a typical local product.

Products with 4 stars include: Dried cashews without salt, whole cashew nuts with seeds, cashews with honey, cashews with lemongrass and lemongrass, cashews with garlic and chili flavor, finely ground whole cashews, roasted cashews with salt and peeled, cashews with silk shells (8 of these cashew products belong to Gia Bao Group Joint Stock Company) and Hoa Sen Viet salted roasted cashews belong to Nam Hoa Thanh Company).

Binh Phuoc Province in Vietnam has become the nation's leading cashew nut grower, making a huge impact on the local agricultural industry and economy. Until now, the province has developed into a thriving center for cashew nut production because of its hospitable climate and strong government backing.

With more than 50% of the land and more than 50% of the nation's cashew production, Binh Phuoc is currently the leading cashew-growing province. The province's cashew tree area is currently close to 152,000 hectares, with a yield of 1.15 tons per ha and an output of 170,000 tons. More than 24% of the province's agricultural land, 34% of its agricultural land, and 35% of its perennial crops are taken up by the Binh Phuoc cashew tree.

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