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Cam Cao Phong: The Sweet and Famous Specialty of Hoa Binh province

Speaking of Cao Phong oranges, people will immediately think of the prosperous land of Hoa Binh. This land has become renowned for a special type of delicious, juicy, and famous specialty, though it is unclear when it became the home of such a product.

Where are Cao Phong oranges grown?

Cao Phong oranges are grown in the Cao Phong district, located in the mountainous region in the middle of Hoa Binh province, adjacent to Kim Boi to the east. Travelers can follow National Highway 6 from Hanoi to explore the green plateau with extensive orange orchards in this area. Distant visitors often recognize Cao Phong oranges as a distinctive specialty of Hoa Binh's Muong land. Each fruit possesses outstanding characteristics when compared to many similar products on the market: uniformly round, thin skin, fragrant, richly sweet, and slightly sour.

The exceptional quality of Cao Phong oranges is attributed to the combination of two factors: the unique geographical conditions and the production skills of the local people in the district. The hilly terrain, with well-draining and adaptable slopes, is conducive to cultivating orange varieties. The climate in Cao Phong is suitable for the developmental requirements of the orange fruit. Orange cultivation began around 1960, with the main focus on areas such as Nam Phong commune and Tan Phong ward.

The Cao Phong orange season occurs during which time of the year?

Cao Phong oranges are considered a quite famous specialty in the Northwest region. The ripe golden oranges, juicy, lightly fragrant, and sweet taste always win the hearts of consumers. Currently, the cultivation area in this region is deploying popular orange varieties such as Golden Heart oranges, Canh oranges, Xa Doai oranges, and V2 oranges. Each type of orange has its own unique characteristics but is considered a precious fruit of this Muong land. Due to the large cultivation area and diverse orange varieties, the Cao Phong orange season lasts quite long. Typically, the orange season here begins in September and continues until the end of April the following year. The Cao Phong orange season starts with Golden Heart oranges, followed by Xa Doai oranges, Canh oranges, and concludes with V2 oranges. From the beginning of the season, the area becomes lively with the sounds of laughter, and the scenery is incredibly captivating and

The impressive flavor of Cao Phong oranges for diners.

If you have ever savored the authentic Cao Phong orange variety, it seems that we will not find any oranges with a similar taste. Although all oranges are sweet and sour, the level or juiciness may vary. The delicious, sweet, and refreshing taste of Cao Phong oranges can make us feel relaxed and at ease amidst the pristine natural surroundings of the Northern region.

The Cao Phong orange variety has a thick peel; after cutting, you will see the inside of the fruit has a naturally deep yellow color with seeds and a distinctive aroma, and the peel has an oily taste. Inside the fruit, there are white veins dividing the orange into many evenly distributed segments. Eating a piece of Cao Phong orange makes you want to eat another, and then another. It seems like the oranges never run out. Perhaps for this reason, Cao Phong oranges are beloved and available in almost every small and large supermarket nationwide. During the harvest season, traders from all over come to Cao Phong to buy oranges.

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