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Delicious and Popular Durian Varieties in Vietnam.

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Vietnam is home to a diverse array of durian varieties, each boasting unique flavors, textures, and aromas. This article explores the most sought-after types of durian in Vietnam and delves into identifying the most delicious among them.

Delicious and Popular Durian Varieties in Vietnam.
Delicious and Popular Durian Varieties in Vietnam.

Prominent Durian Varieties in Vietnam.

Ri6 Durian:

Ri6 durian is easily identified by its oval shape, narrow bottom, and thin yellow-green husk. Inside, the flesh is thick and rice-like, with small seeds. It offers a balanced combination of sweetness and moderate richness.

Thai Durian:

Despite its less attractive appearance with one end slightly larger, the other smaller, and sparse thorns, Thai durian surprises with its pale yellow flesh. The flesh is remarkably thick, pleasantly sweet, with just the right amount of richness to avoid overwhelming the palate.

Musang King Durian:

Malaysians take pride in the delectable and highly priced Musang King durian. Unlike in Vietnam or Thailand, Musang King is only harvested once it falls from the tree. It's oval-shaped, medium-sized, with well-spaced thorns and a relatively flat stem. With a taste resembling that of avocado, Musang King offers a gentle bitterness and a pleasant sweetness, making it a favorite among enthusiasts.

Cowshed Durian:

Despite its unappealing name, Cowshed durian is cherished for its soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture. It's sweeter and more luscious compared to other durian varieties, offering a more pronounced richness.

Red Flesh Durian:

Red Flesh durian emits a delicate, mild fragrance and features tender, sweet, and slightly soft flesh. However, its taste is sometimes compared to bittersweet chocolate or fermented notes.

“Cai Mon” Durian:

"Cai Mon" durian represents Vietnam's star contender in the global durian scene, adored by food enthusiasts worldwide. Despite its relatively small size, typically weighing 2-3kg, its flesh boasts a vibrant golden hue, small seeds, and a rich, deep sweetness. Apart from direct consumption, "Cai Mon" durian is popularly used in delectable desserts and baked goods.

Bitter Gourd Durian:

As an indigenous, long-standing variety, Bitter Gourd durian lives up to its name with a combination of sweet and subtly bitter flavors, much like the vegetable it's named after. It comes in two versions: yellow and green. The green version features dense, numerous thorns and green skin, while the flesh is a pale yellow color with a tender, slightly sweet, and moderately creamy taste.

Vietnam's durian landscape offers a delightful spectrum of tastes, ranging from creamy and sweet to subtly bitter. Each variety, from the unique Ri6 and Thai durians to the renowned Musang King and Cái Mơn, presents a diverse sensory experience for durian enthusiasts. Determining the most delicious variety depends on individual preferences, making the exploration of these durians a fascinating and mouthwatering journey.

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