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Hoa Binh province - A Destination for Distinctive OCOP Products

Updated: Jan 11

In an effort to build and develop the local brand of agricultural products, various levels of Farmers' Associations in Hoa Binh province have integrated supportive activities for members and farmers in the development and production of One Commune, One Product (OCOP) items. This initiative aims to contribute to increasing the value of goods and enhancing income for the local population. With the specific conditions of generous land and unique highland climate, the agricultural and OCOP products of Hoa Binh province are gradually asserting their advantages and quality in various consumer markets.

Currently, Hoa Binh province has four OCOP 4-star standard products, namely: Homestay tourism in Lac village (Chieng Chau commune), community tourism in Hang Kia commune, handwoven brocade in Lac village, and souvenirs made from brocade in Chieng Chau commune. Alongside these, the locality also boasts several OCOP-stamped flagship products, such as Son Thuy Logan, Cao Phong Oranges, Michelia Tonkinensis Seed, Sugarcane, Honey, Medicinal Herbs, Da River Fish, Chicken, and Bamboo Shoots. These products highlight the strengths and quality of the region in various consumption markets.

Hoa Binh province, Improving the Quality of OCOP Products

To enhance the quality of One Commune, One Product (OCOP) items, the Farmers' Associations at various levels in Hoa Binh Province have actively selected distinctive local agricultural products. These OCOP products participate in trade fairs and promotional programs, focusing on hygiene and food safety training for organizations and individuals. The province emphasizes completing certification procedures to ensure hygiene, developing labels, and packaging for the products. Farmers' Associations have taken proactive measures, organizing numerous activities to support members in production development, concentrating on developing signature products and OCOP items linked to the formation and development of collective economic entities. To date, many professional associations, cooperatives, and collaborative groups have been established, contributing to improving production efficiency, increasing product value, and enhancing income for farmers.

In agricultural production, many farmer households have actively applied scientific and technical methods, implementing production linkages in value chains while building product brands. This approach has led to higher incomes and provided employment opportunities for hundreds of laborers.

To increase the economic value of local OCOP agricultural products, Hoa Binh Province focuses on developing cultivation and breeding areas according to VietGAP standards. Additionally, provincial departments and agencies collaborate with research institutes to transfer post-harvest technology for agricultural product preservation. They build production lines and provide maximum support to production facilities.

Nguyen Huy Nhuan, Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Hoa Binh Province, emphasized that promoting a variety of high-quality agricultural products not only contributes to efficiently addressing the consumption of agricultural products but also diversifies the list of the province's distinctive products. This, in turn, helps improve the competitiveness of the products in the domestic market, gradually explore export markets, and enhance economic income for the local population.

The province also focuses on developing high-quality OCOP products, meeting standards and market demands for product quality, food safety criteria, traceability labels, codes, and trademarks. Products that have been awarded the OCOP quality label will receive financial support for refining product packaging, labels, as well as promotion activities to explore domestic and export markets.

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