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Lemons without Seeds and the Path to International Export: The Value-Added Journey of Vietnamese Lem

Updated: Jan 16

Long An province, known for its abundant lemon orchards, not only exports fresh seedless lemons to various countries but also embarks on a path of value-added processing to cater to international customers. With a focus on deep processing, Vietnamese lemons are transformed into a diverse range of products, capturing the hearts of global consumers. Among these products, the most prominent is lemon spice powder, widely favored by both domestic and international consumers.

Seedless lemons for international export
Seedless lemons for international export

Elevating the Value of Vietnamese Lemons with Deep Processing.

Realizing the immense potential of every part of the lemon, not just its juice, Vietnamese lemon processors have harnessed its various components to create valuable products. Lemon peels, for instance, are distilled into essential oils that find applications in the pharmaceutical industry. The lemon pulp and its juice are not wasted either, as they are processed into concentrated lemon powder, serving as raw materials for various production lines such as lemon salt and soft drinks. This realization has sparked a transformative idea within the company "Vietnamese Lemon" to delve into the world of deep processing and produce a range of lemon products for export.

Lemon products
Lemon products

Currently, fresh lemons have been exploited for deep processing potential to create a variety of high value lemon products. Some of the innovative products include:

Lemon products
Lemon products

Packaged Aloe Vera Honey Lemon Water: A refreshing and healthful beverage, combining the goodness of aloe vera and honey with the zesty flavor of lemons.

Lemon-Infused Salt and Pepper: A delightful blend of tangy lemon zest and seasoning, adding a burst of flavor to culinary dishes.

Lemon-Infused Chili Salt: A unique fusion of spicy and citrusy flavors, elevating the taste of various savory dishes.

Dried Lemon Peel: A versatile ingredient used in culinary preparations and teas, harnessing the essence of lemons in a convenient form.

Dried Lemon Leaves: Preserving the aromatic essence of lemon leaves, ideal for flavoring teas and culinary delights.

Dehydrated Lemon Slices: A popular and healthy snack enjoyed by consumers both locally and internationally.

The Power of Lemon Spice Powder

Among the value-added products, lemon spice powder stands out as the most iconic and favored by consumers worldwide. This product has garnered widespread popularity for its versatility and ability to enhance the taste of various dishes. The lemon spice powder has become a staple ingredient in households and restaurants, adding a delightful tang to culinary creations.

The company's lemon powder products meet the 4-star Ocop standard and are exported to many countries around the world.
The company's lemon powder products meet the 4-star Ocop standard and are exported to many countries around the world.
Chanh Việt's lemon spice powder has become a preferred choice for many restaurants, thanks to its exceptional taste and quality. While other spice products typically contain around 0.5% lemon, Chanh Việt's spice packets boast a significantly higher proportion, with approximately 5% lemon content. It is widely embraced by restaurants specializing in Thai hotpot, fiery noodles, Korean delicacies, Thai cuisine, and Indian dishes.

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