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Son Thuy Logan - the "precious gem" of Hoa Binh province.

Updated: Jan 10

The longan tree has a harmonious connection with the land of Son Thuy, which is now in Xuan Thuy commune (Kim Boi) since 1989. Initially, longan was only cultivated in the garden of one family. However, with the advantages of climate, soil, and the perseverance and hard work of farmers, overcoming fluctuations and obstacles from cultivation techniques to product consumption, Son Thuy longan gradually established a firm position, becoming a main crop and livelihood for the local people. Mr. Bui Van Luc was the first household to introduce and cultivate the Hương Chi longan variety in Xuan Thuy. Starting with a trial cultivation area of 1.2 hectares, fortunately, the local soil and climate were suitable, allowing the longan trees to grow rapidly, producing plump, thick-fleshed, and sweet fruits.

From the initial area of over 1 hectare, until now, the entire Xuan Thuy commune has expanded the longan cultivation area to nearly 200 hectares, with the agricultural service cooperative (Cooperative) Son Thuy alone covering 34 hectares. To ensure the quality of the harvested product, farmers diligently follow the VietGAP (Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices) procedures. After the harvest, they prune the trees neatly, apply organic and synthetic fertilizers to ensure the health of the trees and provide the necessary nutrients for flowering and fruiting.

Throughout the care process, households keep meticulous records, ensuring compliance with the correct procedures and timing. The efforts of the people, coupled with the effectiveness of support from the government and specialized agencies at all levels, were rewarded and marked an important milestone in 2016. In that year, Sơn Thủy longan was granted a collective trademark protection certificate by the Intellectual Property Office. Subsequently, a series of certifications in terms of food safety and hygiene, VietGAP, and OCOP (One Commune, One Product) have helped the Son Thuy brand reach markets both domestically and internationally. Notably, Son Thuy longan became the first product in the province to be assigned a cultivation area code (MSVT) in 2019, considered essential documentation for exporting mainstream products to international markets, including the challenging EU market.

Export of the first batch of Son Thuy longan from Hoa Binh to Europe.

On August 11, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Hoa Binh province, in collaboration with the People's Committee of Kim Boi district and the organic agriculture company FUSA, organized the ceremony to export the first ton of Son Thuy longan to the European market ( EU). Since 2016, the Son Thuy longan product has been granted collective trademark protection by the Intellectual Property Office. Subsequently, a series of certifications, including Food Safety (2016), VietGAP (2019), and OCOP (2020), have helped the Son Thuy longan brand expand to both domestic and international markets. Through the efforts of the local people, the involvement of the government, specialized agencies, and the collaboration of businesses, the first batch of one ton of packaged Son Thuy longan is now ready for export to the EU market.

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