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Suntory Pepsico Vietnam Beverage

Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage Company Limited (SPVB) is a successful beverage strategic alliance established in 2013 between Suntory and PepsiCo. SPVB is one of Vietnam's leading beverage companies, offering a diverse portfolio of locally-loved products such as Sting, Lipton, Pepsi, TEA+ Oolong Tea and 7Up.

Suntory Pepsico Vietnam Beverage in Vietnam
Suntory Pepsico Vietnam Beverage in Vietnam

PepsiCo, a global powerhouse in the food and beverage industry, has established a prominent presence in Vietnam, contributing significantly to the nation's economic growth, job creation, and food and beverage sector development. As one of the leading players in Vietnam's food and beverage market, PepsiCo Vietnam has become a household name, known for its iconic brands and commitment to sustainability.

PepsiCo's journey in Vietnam dates back to 1994 when it first entered the market. Since then, the company has continuously expanded its footprint, introducing a diverse portfolio of beloved brands. These include not only the world-famous Pepsi-Cola but also other popular beverages like 7UP, Sting energy drink, and Tropicana fruit juices. In the realm of snacks, Lay's potato chips, Cheetos, and Quaker Oats have all found their way into the hearts and homes of Vietnamese consumers. What sets PepsiCo Vietnam apart is its unwavering dedication to local communities and sustainable business practices. The company actively engages in initiatives that enhance the livelihoods of farmers and promote environmentally friendly farming techniques. For instance, through the "PepsiCo Foundation," the company has supported programs aimed at improving agricultural practices, particularly in the cultivation of potatoes for Lay's chips.

PepsiCo Vietnam also places a strong emphasis on responsible sourcing and water conservation, reflecting its commitment to environmental sustainability. This focus aligns with global goals to reduce water usage and carbon emissions, making PepsiCo Vietnam an eco-conscious contributor to Vietnam's food and beverage industry. Furthermore, PepsiCo Vietnam's presence extends beyond business operations. The company actively participates in community development through various corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. These initiatives often revolve around education, healthcare, and disaster relief efforts, making a positive impact on Vietnamese society.

PepsiCo Vietnam represents more than a business; it embodies a commitment to nourishing and nurturing a thriving nation. With a portfolio of beloved brands, sustainable practices, and a dedication to community well-being, PepsiCo Vietnam continues to be a significant contributor to Vietnam's economic growth and social development.

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