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Vietnamese Jackfruit exports through the Lang Son border gate lead the fruit and vegetable industry.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

In January 2023, various types of Vietnamese fruits were exported to the Chinese market through the Lang Son province border gates, totaling tens of thousands of tons, with Vietnamese jackfruit leading the way.

Vietnamese Jackfruit exports through the Lang Son border gate lead the fruit and vegetable industry.
Vietnamese Jackfruit exports through the Lang Son border gate lead the fruit and vegetable industry.

The total import and export turnover through the provinces territory reached over 250 million USD, a 108% increase compared to the same period; of which, exports reached 100 million USD, marking a 150% increase. Currently, goods at border gates are exported on the same day, eliminating the issue of congestion with cargo trucks participating in import and export activities within the province's territory. Deputy Head of Tan Thanh Customs Sub-Department, Phung Van Ba, stated that Tan Thanh border gate is the largest in Lang Son province, mainly specializing in the export of agricultural products. At present, there are 200 to 250 cargo trucks exported across the border each day; the main exported goods are agricultural products, including watermelons, mangoes, and jackfruit.

Every day, there are about 1,000 trucks carrying fruit through Lang Son border gate, including Vietnamese jackfruit.

Currently, Lang Son maintains customs clearance for goods through five border gates: Huu Nghi, Tan Thanh, Chi Ma, Coc Nam, and Dong Dang, with around 1,000 vehicles engaged in import and export activities each day.

Total import and export turnover through the province in January 2023 reached 250 million USD, reaching 6.6% of the plan, up 108.3% over the same period; Specifically, export reached 100 million USD, import reached 150 million USD. The average volume of imported and exported vehicles in January 2023 was 900-1,000 vehicles/day, of which 400-450 vehicles were exported/day and 500-550 vehicles imported/day.

In January 2023, the export value of agricultural products through the Lang Son province's territory reached $37.5 million. Some key products included dragon fruit with 20,000 tons (valued at $6.5 million), jackfruit with 30,000 tons ($12 million), mangoes with 12,000 tons ($5.3 million), watermelons with 10,000 tons ($3.5 million), and cassava starch with 30,000 tons ($10.2 million).

China aims to establish formal imports.

Exported Vietnamese jackfruit to China is categorized into three types: Type 1 jackfruit (weighing 9kg or more per fruit), Type 2 jackfruit (weighing 6-8 kg per fruit), and Type 3 jackfruit (under 5kg per fruit). The purchase price of jackfruit at the farm varies significantly, typically ranging from 20,000 to 25,000 VND/kg. During periods of scarcity, the price can increase to over 50,000 to 70,000 VND/kg. However, during the peak harvest season, due to excess supply over demand, the price of jackfruit decreases to around 6,000 to 7,000 VND/kg.

Supply chain of jackfruit exports to the Chinese market.

Supply chain of jackfruit exports to the Chinese market.
Supply chain of jackfruit exports to the Chinese market.
  • Household Farmers: These are families engaged in agricultural production, large farms, or cooperatives. These households must be allocated area codes for cultivation.

  • Traders/Collectors: Since jackfruit production is concentrated in certain areas with high output, farmers sell to traders/collectors who purchase directly from the farms or at centralized collection points. Traders sort the products and transport them to larger collection points for sale to enterprises.

  • Packaging/Export Enterprises: Here, the fruits are sorted, processed, and packaged before being exported formally or transported to border gates for informal exports to the Chinese market. Packaging facilities must have assigned codes.

In previous years, the volume of informal fruit exports to China accounted for about 70-80% of Vietnam's total fruit exports to the Chinese market. While informal exports incur lower costs due to the absence of VAT, plant quarantine fees, etc., compared to formal exports, the selling prices are lower.

Delegates all agree that the potential of the Chinese market remains significant, and Vietnamese businesses can focus on investment and development. However, the most crucial challenge is the need for a shift in mindset about this market.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Le Minh Hoan, stated: "China accounts for about 70% of Vietnam's agricultural product consumption. In certain periods, traders still think of doing business to make a profit. However, with such a significant traditional partner as the Chinese market, each business must build a new strategic vision suitable for the current context. This will enable us to become reliable and sustainable partners in trade between the two sides. Everyone is not just a profit-seeking merchant but also a representative of the people and the country of Vietnam in cooperative trade with the other side."

Mr. Hoan also mentioned that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will collaborate with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to work with Chinese authorities to establish legal frameworks to enhance trade cooperation between the two countries, in line with the direction of high-level leaders.

Jackfruits in Vietnam
According to statistics from the Lang Son Customs Department, from the beginning of the year until now, over 1,360 batches of various types of fruits totaling nearly 220,000 tons have been exported through the province's five border gates, a 140% increase compared to the same period in 2022. Especially at the Huu Nghi international border gate, over the past one and a half months, Vietnam's exports of durian to the Chinese market have reached nearly 23,000 tons, with prices showing significant increase compared to before (current prices ranging from 80,000 to 100,000 VND/kg, while prices at the end of 2022 were around 70,000 VND/kg). Specifically at the Tan Thanh border gate, Tan Thanh Customs has processed export procedures for over 800 batches of fruits, a nearly 200% increase compared to the same period in 2022


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