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Vietnamese Pineapple: A Potential Export Commodity in Promising Export Markets.

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Vietnamese Pineapple stands as one of Vietnam's potential export commodities, with its succulent sweetness and tropical appeal making it a sought-after fruit in international markets. In this article, Agroviet delve into the import scenario of pineapples and explore the promising potential of its export markets.

Pineapple: A Potential Export Commodity of Vietnam
Pineapple: A Potential Export Commodity of Vietnam

Import Situation of Vietnamese Pineapples.

The global import of pineapples (HS code 080430) reached approximately $2.472 billion USD in 2020, highlighting the substantial demand for this tropical fruit. Notably, the top importers of pineapples include the United States, the Netherlands, and China. Despite this vibrant import market, Vietnam stands as the 54th largest global exporter of pineapples, presenting an opportunity for further growth and market penetration.

Promising Export Markets for Vietnam.

Vietnam's pineapple exports have the potential to flourish in various international markets, driven by the fruit's taste, nutritional value, and versatility. Some of the promising export markets for Vietnamese pineapples include:

Standards for pineapple packaging
Standards for pineapple packaging

United States:

The US presents a substantial market for Vietnamese pineapples, with consumers appreciating the tropical fruit's flavor and versatility. The demand for pineapple products, such as canned pineapple and juices, continues to drive exports to this market.

European Union:

Countries within the European Union appreciate the exotic allure of pineapples and the array of culinary possibilities they offer. The EU's focus on healthy and natural products aligns well with the nutritional attributes of pineapples, creating a promising avenue for exports.


As a neighboring country with a large population, China offers a significant market for Vietnamese pineapples. The proximity allows for reduced transportation costs and fresher produce reaching consumers, making it an appealing destination for exports.

Middle East and Gulf Regions:

Pineapples find favor in Middle Eastern and Gulf markets, where their tropical essence adds a touch of luxury and indulgence. Pineapple-based products, including juices and processed goods, appeal to the diverse tastes of this region.


Countries within the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan, South Korea, and Australia, value the tropical sweetness of Vietnamese pineapples. Their inclusion in traditional dishes and fusion cuisine has led to increased demand and export opportunities.

Quality Assurance and Market Penetration.

Quality Assurance and Market Penetration
Quality Assurance and Market Penetration

Maintaining consistent quality standards is crucial for the success of Vietnamese pineapple exports. Adhering to international food safety and quality regulations ensures consumer confidence and facilitates access to premium markets. Strengthening relationships with importers and distributors, along with targeted marketing strategies, can enhance the market penetration and visibility of Vietnamese pineapples.

Value-Added Products and Innovation:

Value-Added Products and Innovation
Value-Added Products and Innovation

Diversifying export offerings through value-added products, such as processed pineapple goods and innovative pineapple-based products, can capture new consumer segments and boost the economic value of exports. Creative product development aligning with global culinary trends can open doors to niche markets.


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