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Visit Thai Nguyen province, savor the specialty of Non Tom tea, a 5-star OCOP product

One of the most renowned specialties of the Thai Nguyen region is tea. Non Tom tea is a premium green tea variety harvested from selected hills in Tan Cuong, Thai Nguyen, ensuring OCOP high-quality standard.

What is Non Tom tea?

Thai Nguyen province, one of the largest tea-producing regions in Vietnam
Thai Nguyen province, one of the largest tea-producing regions in Vietnam

Non Tom tea originates from the tea plantations in Tan Cuong commune, Thai Nguyen province, one of the largest tea-producing regions in Vietnam. This area benefits from the favorability of nature, climate, soil quality, and water sources, creating an ideal environment for tea cultivation.

Non Tom tea is a meticulously selected type of tea, crafted from fresh and vibrant tea buds, skillfully processed by experienced artisans. During each harvest season, the tea buds are carefully plucked by locals using a unique method of 1 shrimp to 1 leaf, selecting only the newly emerged and tightly curled buds. From its raw materials to its appearance, people affectionately refer to it as Non Tom tea due to its simplicity. After production, Non Tom tea tea has a sleek and uniform appearance, with a delightful aroma reminiscent of blossoming rice fields. The taste is characterized by a mild initial bitterness, followed by a smooth and deep sweetness, leaving a lingering, rich, and velvety sensation in the throat after consumption. Overall, the tea provides a refreshing and enjoyable experience

Currently, there are two methods for producing Non Tom tea tea: manual production and machine-assisted production on a technological scale. While these two methods are similar, the manual production of Non Tom tea involves the intervention of skilled artisans, resulting in a tea that is more aromatic. This is because these artisans can precisely sense when the tea reaches a certain level of fragrance, enhancing its overall flavor and aroma.

Building Thai Nguyen tea into a national brand

Identifying tea as a key agricultural crop and the mainstay of the province's agricultural development, Thai Nguyen province has set goals and implemented strategies to expand the cultivation area while simultaneously enhancing the quality, value, and competitiveness of its tea products in the market. As a result, the province has achieved remarkable outcomes, leading the nation in both tea production and cultivated area.

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Thai Nguyen province, the area of tea cultivation adhering to safe production processes has rapidly increased, incorporating many advances in scientific and technological practices. Technologies such as the use of organic fertilizers, bio-products, and water-saving irrigation systems in tea cultivation have been widely adopted. Currently, the total tea cultivation area applying good agricultural practices under VietGAP standards has been certified at 4,356.7 hectares. Additionally, certifications under the UTZ Certified standard cover 11 hectares, and tea cultivation applying organic standards encompasses 127 hectares, of which 65 hectares have received organic certification (5 hectares meeting IFOAM standards and 60 hectares meeting TCVN 11041-2:2017 standards)."

Based on the insights from experts, in the coming years, Thai Nguyen province is determined to invest in the development of tea plants with a focus on improving quality, adding value, and enhancing competitiveness. By the year 2025, the province aims to achieve a tea cultivation area of 23,500 hectares, with a fresh tea bud production of 273,000 tons. The target is to reach a product value of 350 million Vietnamese Dong per hectare.

Additionally, efforts will be made to strengthen brand promotion, trade promotion, connectivity, and create opportunities for businesses and tea cooperatives in the province to participate in trade conferences, seeking to expand the market for tea products. There will be an emphasis on providing guidance on intellectual property ownership procedures and implementing support measures for building the tea product brand.

A special focus will be placed on the robust implementation of geographical indication management, particularly for the "Tan Cuong" brand in the tea market. Intensive research will be conducted to ensure compliance and sustainability with the criteria and legal regulations of potential tea-consuming countries and markets worldwide. This involves compiling and perfecting the registration procedures for the collective trademark "Thai Nguyen Tea

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