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Cao Phong Oranges: The Pinnacle of Delicacy from Hoa Binh Province.

Updated: Jan 10

Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Hoa Binh province, the Cao Phong orange brand has earned a well-deserved reputation as a renowned local delicacy. The sprawling Cao Phong farming district not only holds the title of the largest orange plantation in Hoa Binh province but also stands as a significant contributor to the entire Northwest region, and even the broader Northern region. Today, this legacy has reached new heights, as Cao Phong oranges have been bestowed with the coveted Geographical Indication (GI) status since 2014. This article explores the allure of the Cao Phong orange brand and the impressive scale of its cultivation.

Cao Phong Oranges
Cao Phong Oranges

Geographical Splendor of Cao Phong Oranges.

Situated at the heart of Hoa Binh province, Cao Phong is surrounded by a captivating landscape. Bordered by Kim Boi to the east, Hoa Binh city to the north, Da Bac to the northwest, Tan Lac to the west and southwest, and Lac Son to the southeast, the district boasts a location rich in natural diversity. This environment, characterized by undulating hills and efficient water drainage, serves as the ideal canvas for cultivating exquisite oranges.

Pinnacle of Quality and Flavor.

Cao Phong oranges have earned their reputation as a quintessential delicacy of the Hoa Binh province. Their remarkable attributes set them apart from their counterparts in the market: impeccably round shape, thin peel, fragrant aroma with noticeable essential oil pockets, rich and deep sweetness, abundant juice, and a delicate touch of tanginess. These unique qualities are a result of the symbiotic relationship between Cao Phong's distinct geographical features and the skilled cultivation techniques of its inhabitants.

Blossoming Legacy in Cao Phong.

Recognized as the primary hub of orange cultivation, the Cao Phong farming district has emerged as an epitome of agricultural excellence in Hoa Binh province. Its distinction is not limited to being the largest orange producer within the province; it extends its influence across the Northwest region, commanding an impressive 45% of the total orange cultivation area.

Orange orchard until the harvest season of Dong Phong commune (Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh province)
Orange orchard until the harvest season of Dong Phong commune (Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh province)

Acres of Orange Abundance:

According to reliable sources from the Hoa Binh Provincial People's Committee, the Cao Phong district boasts a sprawling expanse of 1,744.4 hectares dedicated to citrus cultivation. For the crop year spanning 2022 to 2023, an estimated yield of approximately 22,000 tons is projected. Within this expanse, around 1,500 hectares are devoted to orange cultivation, contributing an anticipated yield of 18,000 tons. Notably, a substantial portion of this area, approximately 536.77 hectares, adheres to the stringent quality standards of VietGAP.

Geographical and Human Harmony.

The convergence of two vital factors contributes to the exceptional quality of Cao Phong oranges. Firstly, the district's landscape features gently sloping hills that facilitate excellent water drainage, creating an optimal environment for orange trees to flourish. Secondly, the local expertise in cultivation techniques plays an instrumental role in shaping the distinctive characteristics of these oranges. The residents' deep-rooted understanding of the land and its requirements has culminated in the cultivation of hardy, disease-resistant orange trees.

A Grafting Legacy:

The history of Cao Phong's orange production dates back to 1960 when the foundation for this vibrant industry was laid. Grafted orange trees, with deep-rooted systems capable of nutrient absorption, are a cornerstone of this cultivation practice. Their robustness and initial resistance to pests and diseases contribute to healthier trees and better yields.

An Emblem of Origin Protection.

The year 2014 marked a watershed moment in the journey of Cao Phong oranges, as they were officially granted Geographical Indication status. This significant achievement acknowledges the oranges' unique attributes and the integral role played by the geographical region of Hoa Binh in shaping their exceptional taste and quality. This designation not only safeguards the reputation of Cao Phong oranges but also celebrates the cultural heritage and traditional practices that have nurtured their growth.

Orange Cao Phong traceability stamp used in commerce
Orange Cao Phong traceability stamp used in commerce

The Gateway to the UK Market.

Longdan Group's venture into the UK market marks a milestone in the export of Cao Phong oranges. The strategic placement of these oranges within Longdan supermarkets and their distribution to diverse retail outlets underscores the demand for premium Vietnamese produce within the UK's multicultural landscape.

Cao Phong oranges - The Gateway to the UK Market.
Cao Phong oranges - The Gateway to the UK Market.

Meeting Stringent Quality Standards:

Before entering the UK market, Cao Phong oranges from RYB Corporation (Hoa Binh) underwent rigorous evaluations to meet exacting quality and safety benchmarks. A paramount aspect of this process included adhering to stringent food safety standards and establishing a clear provenance of origin.

Thorough Testing and Analysis:

To ensure the highest standards of safety and quality, Cao Phong oranges underwent meticulous testing and analysis. This comprehensive assessment encompassed the mandatory analysis of nearly 900 pesticide residues, safeguarding both consumer well-being and the integrity of the product.

Cao Phong oranges stand as a testament to the harmonious blend of natural wonders and human dedication. The remarkable flavors and qualities that define these oranges are a result of a symbiotic relationship between the land, the environment, and the expertise of the local farmers. As Cao Phong continues to cultivate its distinctive oranges, it showcases not only the richness of its geography but also the resolute commitment of its people to creating a culinary treasure that transcends taste.

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