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“Cashew capital” in Binh Phuoc - A journey to reach the world.

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Binh Phuoc is known as the cashew nut capital with the famous cashew variety not only in Vietnam, but also around the world.

Binh Phuoc is regarded as the region with the largest cashew nut processing area in Vietnam, with a total of 175,000 hectares of cashews grown throughout the province (the total cashew growing area in Vietnam as of this point is approximately 290,000 hectares).

Binh Phuoc has become a fundamental hub for cashew production in Vietnam.

The journey of Bình Phước's cashew nut industry began in the 1960s when the government of South Vietnam encouraged the cultivation of cashew trees as a way to boost the local economy. Cashew tree is a perennial industrial plant that is quite easy to grow and care for. Suitable for many different types of soil, especially basalt soil.

Area and output of cashew in localities in Binh Phuoc province from 2010-2019 (Unit Hectare/Ton).

Climate and soil conditions for various agricultural activities…

Binh Phuoc (separated from Song Be province in 1997) is located in the Southeast region, is the land adjacent to the Central Highlands and has the border between Vietnam and Cambodia.

Geographical location of Binh Phuoc province.

The climate of Binh Phuoc is classified as tropical, characterized by distinct dry and wet seasons. The average annual temperature ranges from 24 to 28 degrees Celsius, ensuring favorable conditions for cashew trees throughout the year. Because cashew trees thrive in warm temperatures and need a balance of wet and dry spells so this climate is highly suitable for them. Additionally, the well-drained sandy soil found in Binh Phuoc is highly suitable for cashew cultivation, as it allows for good root development and prevents waterlogging.

Binh Phuoc also has advantages from ideal soil characteristics for cashew nut farming. The predominantly sandy soil texture is well-drained, and low in acidity - allows for excellent aeration, which is essential for healthy root systems. Additionally, the low acidity of the soil in Binh Phuoc generates a pH range that is ideal for cashew trees, allowing them to efficiently absorb vital nutrients.

Diversity of cashew varieties ...

Each cashew tree variety has distinct qualities and advantages that make it suited for Binh Phuoc commercial cashew farming in Binh Phuoc.

Each cashew tree varieties has distinct qualities and advantages.

  • W180: The W180 variety has huge cashew nuts that are highly regarded for their flavor and texture. These nuts are popular in both domestic and foreign markets due to their amazing size and plumpness.

  • W240: The W240 variety is renowned for its uniformity in terms of nut size and renowned for its uniformity in Binh Phuoc. The cashew nuts are great for snacking or as a component in confectioneries because of their appealing flavor and crispy texture.

  • W320: The W320 variety is recognized for its consistent nut size and variety is often used in cashew butter, desserts, and as a topping in savory dishes.

  • AB0508: This is one of three cashew varieties researched and selected by the Cashew Research and Development Center (Cashew Center) of the Southern Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology (IAS). These varieties all have many advantages, high yield, and many flowers, so they are less affected by the weather. Helping households grow cashews to improve their economy, contributing to the realization of the export target of the cashew industry in Vietnam.

From plant varieties to help people eliminate hunger and reduce poverty …

Cashew is the main crop in the districts: Bu Dang, Bu Gia Map, Phu Rieng, Bu Dop; Binh Phuoc cashew nut has many different varieties, but the quality of cashew nuts here is considered number one in the world. Most of the cashew growing areas in Binh Phuoc are natural, with the trees absorbing nutrients from the soil to grow. Cashew growers only add a certain amount of organic fertilizer each year. Nearly 100% of cashew acreage does not use growth stimulants during seed production.

Most of the cashew growing areas in Binh Phuoc are natural. the largest cashew nut export region in Vietnam.

Vietnamese cashews are highly prized in international markets due to their reputation for outstanding quality and flavor.

Therein, Binh Phuoc province has a significant amount of experience, a strong infrastructure, and a well-established supply chain, which provide it a competitive advantage in cashew export. The local government's assistance and the construction of processing facilities in Binh Phuoc have also further strengthened the cashew value chain. Due to these elements, Binh Phuoc is now a significant role in the Vietnamese cashew nut export industry.

More and more new challenges and opportunities.

The cashew sector in Binh Phuoc is thriving, but it still has to contend with stiff competition on the international stage. There is intense rivalry from other cashew-producing nations including India, Brazil, and Ivory Coast. Binh Phuoc must concentrate on raising product distinctiveness, cutting expenses, and increasing productivity in order to overcome these obstacles.

Exploring organic and fair trade certifications offers the cashew business in Binh Phuoc a chance to target specialized markets. Adopting ethical sourcing methods and sustainable business practices can help the area's reputation and environmentally conscious consumers.

In order to strongly promote the production potential of the cashew industry, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee have issued guidelines, policies, programs and plans to develop the cashew industry in the period of 2020-2025 and a vision to 2030. Currently, Binh Phuoc is a bright spot in information technology application, has made strong changes in building e-government and is gradually building digital government, digital economy and digital society in the revolutionary era. fourth industrial network. Therefore, digital transformation is always an important task of each economic and social field in the province, in which it is necessary to study digital transformation of high-yield models and build a process of intensive cashew cultivation in Binh Dinh. Phuoc. The production potential of the cashew industry in the province is still modest, it is necessary to promote research on digital transformation of high-yield models and develop an intensive cashew farming process in Binh Phuoc.

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