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Hoa Binh is expanding its sugarcane scope to the international market.

Updated: Jan 10

Sugarcane is an agricultural crop that has been widely cultivated, bringing high economic efficiency to farmers in Hoa Binh province for many years. Alongside major crops like oranges and pomelos, sugarcane has helped numerous farmers eradicate hunger, reduce poverty, and achieve sustainable prosperity, providing a stable source of income. The agricultural sector of Hoa Binh province has also outlined plans for the proper development of sugarcane within regional planning, aiming to extend the reach of purple sugarcane to the international market.

Hoa Binh is expanding its sugarcane scope to the international market
Hoa Binh is expanding its sugarcane scope to the international market

Formation of High-Quality Sugarcane Cultivation Areas in Hoa Binh province

Farmers in Hoa Binh province are currently cultivating two types of sugarcane: purple and white sugarcane. These two varieties are less commonly grown in the northern provinces, making the agricultural products from sugarcane a competitive advantage for the agriculture sector in Hoa Binh province.

The provincial government of Hoa Binh has implemented various coordinated solutions in collaboration with departments, units, and specialized agencies to establish sugarcane cultivation regions, aiming to stabilize the supply source and meet the production demand for processing and exporting sugarcane to businesses within and outside the province. Additionally, the province has set the direction for rapid and sustainable economic development, becoming greener and more environmentally friendly in the 2020-2025 period. Agriculture is identified as the foundation to leverage the potential and strengths of Hoa Binh province, focusing on indigenous crops to supply food for local markets, especially in the capital region, and to expand into exports.

Formation of High-Quality Sugarcane Cultivation Areas.
Formation of High-Quality Sugarcane Cultivation Areas.

Overcoming Challenges to Expand Sugarcane Market.

According to Project No. 03-DA/TU dated September 9, 2021, of the Provincial Party Committee and the Project of the People's Committee of Hoa Binh Province on developing the export market for key agricultural products in Hoa Binh Province from 2020 to 2025, with a vision to 2040. The central objective of the agricultural sector in Hoa Binh Province in the coming years is to continue boosting the export of high-quality agricultural products, including sugarcane.

However, to establish a sustainable fresh sugarcane supply region to meet the processing and export needs of businesses and units within and outside the province, the agricultural sector of Hoa Binh Province needs to follow a systematic roadmap. This involves applying advanced scientific and technological methods from the care to the harvesting stages and processing the sugarcane products to meet the strict regulations on food safety and hygiene of international markets.

Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Hoa Binh Province, Dinh Cong Su, has also requested the departments, sectors, and functional units to enhance coordination and support for localities, businesses, and cooperatives to effectively implement step-by-step solutions to increase the value of sugarcane, raise income for farmers, and develop the province's sustainable sugarcane raw material area.

It is essential to well organize the implementation of seasonal production plans, clearly define the planting areas, structure, and sugarcane varieties to maintain stable acreage. Balance between purple and white sugarcane to serve the market, research techniques for staggered planting, ensure product consumption in domestic markets, and aim for a broader export market.

Accelerate the progress of implementing tissue culture with white sugarcane; propose replacing the entire purple sugarcane variety with tissue-cultured white sugarcane on all sugarcane areas in the province. Mobilize resources to invest in processing, pre-processing, and freezing facilities for sugarcane to produce canned sugarcane juice; proactively connect and support cooperatives, businesses involved in sugarcane production to expand markets, as well as formulate and implement tasks to boost the export of fresh sugarcane.

Maintain sustainable development of the sugarcane raw material area, establish chain linkages in production and product consumption, and step by step increase the value of sugarcane, forming proactive, modern production thinking with market orientation for farmers.

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