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How "Loc Binh Sweet Potatoes" are Transforming Live.

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Loc Binh District, located in the eastern part of Lang Son Province in Vietnam, offers a serene and culturally rich escape. Bordered to the east by Sung Ta City in Guangxi Province, China, and surrounded by Chi Lang and Son Dong Districts in Bac Giang Province to the west, as well as Dinh Lap and Luc Ngan Districts in Bac Giang Province to the south, Loc Binh District is a fascinating blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and cultural diversity. To the north, it shares its border with Cao Loc District.

The journey to establish the Loc Binh sweet potatoes brand has been instrumental in transforming the agricultural landscape of the region. Sweet potatoes bring significant economic value and contribute to poverty alleviation for local farmers. Because of this, Loc Binh district has been focusing on directing the development and establishing the brand of Loc Binh sweet potatoes to enhance the value of this product.

How Sweet Potatoes are Transforming Lives in Lang Son province.
How Sweet Potatoes are Transforming Lives in Lang Son province.

Sweet Potatoes - The Leading Crop of Loc Binh District.

With a total area of 2,144 hectares and a production output of 13,305 tons, sweet potatoes are among the main crops in the province. Among them, Lộc Bình sweet potatoes stand out for their exceptional quality and renowned reputation both within and beyond the province. Covering nearly 600 hectares of land and yielding over 4,000 tons, sweet potato cultivation is most concentrated in the areas of Tu Mich, Khuat Xa, Tu Doan, and Luc Thon. Sold at an average price of 9,000 to 10,000 Vietnamese dong per kilogram, the total value from Loc Binh sweet potatoes reaches an impressive 36 to 40 billion Vietnamese dong annually..

Loc Binh sweet potatoes thrive on lush fields nestled at the foothills of Mau Son mountain range, nourished by fertile alluvial soil from the Ky Cung River. The unique soil and climate conditions contribute to the distinctive appearance and delightful aroma of Loc Binh sweet potatoes. Their evenly rounded shape and delectable taste make them renowned as the finest sweet potatoes in the Lang Son region. Locals have cherished Loc Binh sweet potatoes as a daily staple, relishing their versatility in various dishes like boiled sweet potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, and sweet potato cakes.

Beyond traditional sweet potato varieties, farmers in Loc Binh have proactively introduced new breeds into production, such as Hoang Long sweet potatoes and nghệ sweet potatoes, aiming to better meet customer demands.

Sweet Potatoes -  The Leading Crop of Loc Binh District.
Sweet Potatoes - The Leading Crop of Loc Binh District.

In recent years, the higher value of sweet potatoes compared to rice and corn has prompted local farmers to expand their sweet potato cultivation. However, the absence of a recognized brand has limited their market presence. Currently, Loc Binh sweet potatoes are mainly sold in local markets and the provincial region. Regrettably, some traders have taken advantage of the situation, falsely claiming non-Loc Binh sweet potatoes as products of the renowned region, undermining the brand's reputation and consumer trust.

To safeguard the authenticity and credibility of Loc Binh sweet potatoes, measures are being taken to establish a distinct brand identity. Local authorities and farmers are working together to promote and protect the Loc Binh sweet potato trademark, ensuring consumers can confidently identify and purchase genuine products. Through training and guidance, farmers are equipped with knowledge on best practices to maintain the premium quality of Lộc Bình sweet potatoes. This empowerment ensures that the products consistently live up to their esteemed reputation, further solidifying the brand's position in the market.

Constructively Building a Collective Brand for "Loc Binh Sweet Potatoes".

To effectively manage, preserve, and promote the Loc Binh sweet potato product, the Executive Committee of Loc Binh District Party Committee has directed the District People's Committee to register and obtain the collective brand certificate for "Loc Binh Sweet Potatoes" from the Intellectual Property Office. According to the plan, the specialized cultivation area for sweet potatoes in Lộc Bình district includes the communes of Tu Doan, Khuat Xa, Luc Thon, and Tu Mich, covering an area of approximately 300 hectares.

After receiving the collective brand certificate Loc Binh for the district's sweet potato product, Loc Binh district has undertaken various promotional activities to expand the market for Loc Binh sweet potatoes, ensuring quality products with attractive appearances that have the potential to enter more discerning markets. This effort aims to establish connections with domestic enterprises for sweet potato processing, creating opportunities for farmers to connect with businesses and consumers.

Constructively Building a Collective Brand for "Loc Binh Sweet Potatoes".
Constructively Building a Collective Brand for "Loc Binh Sweet Potatoes".

Expanding Market Reach and Enhancing Quality.

With the collective brand in place, Loc Binh district has intensified efforts to raise awareness about the product and expand its market reach. Through targeted marketing campaigns, the district seeks to showcase the unique qualities and premium standards of "Loc Binh Sweet Potatoes." This strategic promotion not only increases consumer confidence but also opens doors to more demanding markets, creating opportunities for the product to reach a broader audience both within the country and internationally.

Establishing Partnerships with Domestic Enterprises.

Loc Binh district recognizes the importance of collaboration with domestic enterprises to add value to their sweet potato products. By establishing strong partnerships, farmers gain access to advanced processing technologies and expertise, allowing them to diversify their sweet potato offerings and cater to diverse consumer preferences. These partnerships also facilitate efficient supply chain management and ensure a steady flow of high-quality products to the market.

Creating Value and Strengthening Community Bonds

The collective brand not only elevates the reputation of "Loc Binh Sweet Potatoes" but also contributes to the economic and social development of the district. As the product gains recognition and increased market demand, farmers are encouraged to adopt best practices and improve cultivation techniques to maintain the superior quality that defines Lộc Bình sweet potatoes. The growth of this iconic crop fosters a sense of pride and unity among the local community, creating a shared vision for sustainable growth and prosperity.

Developing Sweet Potato Cultivation Linked to Market Consumption.

According to the plan, in the year 2022, the entire district aims to increase the sweet potato cultivation area to over 500 hectares, with a target production of more than 3,800 tons. Mr. Nguyen Huu Thinh, Deputy Head of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in the district, highlighted the significance of establishing and developing concentrated sweet potato production areas. This endeavor holds great importance as it improves the efficiency of applying scientific and technical practices while enhancing the overall value of sweet potato production.

To achieve the set goals for 2022, the district will continue to work in collaboration with relevant units to devise strategies for increasing the value of sweet potato products. This includes expanding the cultivation area and promoting the produce through enhanced marketing efforts, particularly in online platforms and e-commerce websites. By doing so, the district aims to contribute to the growth of the local economy and increase the value derived from sweet potato cultivation.

Developing Sweet Potato Cultivation Linked to Market Consumption.
Developing Sweet Potato Cultivation Linked to Market Consumption.
The development of sweet potato cultivation in tandem with market consumption is a promising endeavor for the district. With a strategic focus on increasing cultivation areas, adopting scientific techniques, and expanding market outreach, the future of sweet potato farming looks bright. By embracing the growth of "Loc Binh" sweet potatoes and emphasizing their nutritional benefits, the district can position itself as a leading producer in the region, contributing to both economic prosperity and food security.


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