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Michelia Tonkinensis Seed - A Specialty of the Muong People in Hoa Binh Province

Updated: Jan 10

Michelia Tonkinensis Seed are renowned as a culinary treasure, with Hoa Binh's variety standing out as the epitome of this special spice, captivating diners with its addictive and delightful flavor.

What is Michelia Tonkinensis Seed?

Michelia Tonkinensis Seed is a naturally growing forest tree with a tall, sparsely branched wooden trunk. Typically, in October and November, people from ethnic communities in the mountainous regions venture out to gather fallen dổi seeds for sale.

Michelia Tonkinensis seeds are widely used as a spice in various dishes, contributing to the distinctive flavor of Northwestern cuisine. Whether combined with mac khen to create a dipping sauce or used to marinate buffalo or pork for cooking, Michelia Tonkinensis Seed play a crucial role in shaping the unique taste of Northwestern Vietnamese cuisine.

Michelia Tonkinensis Seed: Intensely Fragrant, Popping with Flavor When Roasted.

There are two main types of the Michelia Tonkinensis Seed: one primarily used for timber, known as dổi tẻ, and the other harvested for its seeds as a spice, referred to as dổi nếp. Among the dổi nếp variety, those from trees aged over 30 years produce seeds with a strong and aromatic fragrance. When roasted, these seeds swell and pop, classifying them as dổi type 1. On the other hand, younger trees or those cultivated by local farmers fall into dổi type 2 or type 3. The latter has a milder fragrance, and its seeds do not pop as expansively, resulting in a more affordable price.

To utilize Michelia Tonkinensis Seed, the first step involves roasting them over a charcoal stove. Once cooled, the seeds are ground or crushed into small particles resembling ground pepper. These finely processed seeds are then stored in airtight containers, preserving their unique fragrance and preventing moisture absorption. This meticulous process ensures that the seeds retain their distinct aroma, providing a delightful culinary experience.

Hoa Binh's premium Michelia Tonkinensis Seed , with their intense fragrance and delightful popping sensation when roasted, are a testament to the region's commitment to delivering a top-tier spice. Whether enhancing local specialties or inspiring innovative dishes, these seeds showcase the distinctive taste that sets Hoa Binh's culinary offerings apart.

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