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People in the Highland Areas of Hoa Binh Develop Their Economy Through Free-Range Chicken Farming

Updated: Jan 10

In the highland areas of Hoa Binh province, local residents have been focusing on developing their economy through free-range chicken farming, specifically on hills and valleys. This agricultural practice has proven to be a sustainable and profitable venture for the community. The unique geographical features of the highland regions provide suitable conditions for free-range chicken farming. The hills and valleys offer open spaces for chickens to roam freely, contributing to the quality of their meat and eggs. The natural environment and diverse vegetation in these areas create a healthy diet for the chickens, enhancing the overall quality of the poultry products.

Lac Thuy serves as the epicenter for the well-known "Lac Thuy Chicken" brand in Hoa Binh province. The local poultry farms in this area have undergone significant changes in their farming models, resulting in numerous successes.The chickens are allowed to roam freely beneath the shade of tall, mature trees, providing a natural and spacious environment. The cooperative produces feed for the chickens using herbal bran, which they manufacture themselves. This approach has yielded excellent results, with shorter raising periods and notably healthier chickens. The chickens exhibit rapid growth, consume less feed, and are less prone to diseases. Moreover, the meat from these chickens is renowned for its delightful aroma and firm texture. Free-range chicken farming has become a prevalent economic activity among the people in the highland areas of Hoa Binh. The practice not only meets local demand for poultry products but also generates income for households involved in this agricultural endeavor. Additionally, it promotes a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to farming, aligning with the principles of organic and natural agriculture.

People in the Highland Areas of Hoa Binh Develop Their Economy Through Free-Range Chicken Farming
People in the Highland Areas of Hoa Binh Develop Their Economy Through Free-Range Chicken Farming

Local farmers in Hoa Binh have embraced modern techniques and management practices to ensure the success of their free-range chicken farms. Proper care and attention to the well-being of the chickens, combined with responsible land use, contribute to the overall success of this economic model.

The transition to this innovative poultry farming model has not only proven to be successful for the individual farmers but has also contributed to the overall development of Lac Thuy as a hub for high-quality chicken production in Hoa Binh province. The cooperative's commitment to sustainable and organic practices has not only increased the efficiency of chicken farming but has also created a model that emphasizes environmental harmony and animal welfare. The Lac Thuy Chicken brand has thus become synonymous with premium-quality poultry, making Lac Thuy a prominent name in the agricultural landscape of Hoa Binh. As a result, free-range chicken farming has emerged as a key contributor to the economic development of the highland communities in Hoa Binh. The combination of traditional farming practices with modern approaches has created a thriving agricultural sector that not only supports local livelihoods but also showcases the potential for sustainable economic growth in the region.

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