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Tea is the flagship economic crop of Thai Nguyen province

Currently, Thai Nguyen has over 22.2 thousand hectares of tea, leading the country. The value of fresh tea buds reaches 7,800 billion VND per year, and the revenue from processed tea products is 10,400 billion VND per year. The tea plant is increasingly asserting its position in the development of agricultural production and wealth creation for over 91,000 households.

With the promising production potential of Thai Nguyen tea, coupled with the growing domestic and global demand, Thai Nguyen tea has a significant advantage in development. Tea is considered a poverty-alleviating and hunger-reducing plant. Therefore, in recent years, the province has introduced numerous mechanisms, preferential policies, and initiatives aimed at promoting the development of the tea industry.

Processing Situation in the Tea Industry in Thai Nguyen province

The tea cultivation area in Thai Nguyen province has now reached more than 21,000 hectares, primarily distributed in key tea-producing areas such as Tan Cuong, Trai Cai, La Bang, Tuc Tranh, etc. Famous tea varieties include Dinh tea, Non Tom Tea, and Bup  tea. Thanks to favorable geographical and climatic conditions, tea-producing regions in Thai Nguyen have continuously increased their yield. Recently, the focus of the people of Thai Nguyen has been on new plantings and replanting of tea, aiming to renovate and improve the quality of tea-growing areas and hills.

The conversion of tea varieties is also one of the current concerns when discussing the tea production situation in Thai Nguyen province. Annually, the processed tea output of Thai Nguyen province reaches 40,655 tons, of which only 8,000 tons are industrially processed by businesses, accounting for 20% of the total output of various tea products such as Thai Nguyen Tea, Green Tea Thai Nguyen, and Tan Cuong Tea. The main products are black tea and scented green tea for export. The remaining 80% of tea production is processed using traditional methods, manually operated with spinning machines, rolling machines, and small-scale processing lines.

Current Consumption Market of Thai Nguyen Tea

Thai Nguyen Tea has become the leading brand in the tea industry nationwide. Thai Nguyen tea products are widely available in numerous supermarkets, agents, stores, large and small distributors, forming an extensive consumption network throughout the country with a variety of products, designs, packaging, and labels.

At present, Thai Nguyen tea is exported to various countries such as Japan, South Korea, China, Russia, and notably, Pakistan, which accounts for over 50% of the export volume. A noticeable trend in recent years is the decreasing trend in the export volume of Thai Nguyen tea, primarily due to the challenges in securing a stable supply of raw materials from tea-producing regions. Export enterprises in the tea industry are still facing difficulties in establishing direct connections with tea-producing households, making the procurement of raw materials more challenging.

Thai Nguyen Tea Generates Revenue of over 10,400 Billion VND for the Region

Thai Nguyen Tea Generates Revenue of over 10,400 Billion VND for the Region
Thai Nguyen Tea Generates Revenue of over 10,400 Billion VND for the Region

At the current market prices, the value of fresh tea bud products reaches 7,800 billion VND per year, and the value of processed tea products reaches 10,400 billion VND per year. This affirms the significant position of the tea plant in the development of agricultural production and the wealth creation of over 91,000 households.

In addition to planting new tea and replacing old, low-yield, and low-quality tea with new high-yield, high-quality varieties for the production of premium green tea and specialty tea, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Thai Nguyen has actively promoted the application of advanced science and technology in the production and processing of safe VietGAP-certified tea. This is an essential prerequisite for expanding the market.

According to the Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Pham Van Sy, Thai Nguyen currently has 120 tea products certified under the OCOP (One Commune One Product) standards. These products have been connected, promoted, introduced, and consumed on e-commerce platforms such as Vo So and PostMart. According to Mr. Sy, the most important aspect is to improve the quality, aiming for a larger goal, which is to establish Thai Nguyen tea as a national brand.

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